The beast workshop

For our first visit in China, we had the chance to meet the team of The beast, a fantastic concept store around flowers, lifestyle and home decor, founded by Amber and Isabelle, two wonderful and powerful women.

We spend two fabulous days between work and encounters.
The first day, we met the team of Indigo boutique in Beijin to train them to do the display with our Riviera collection and the scented products.

The second day, we went to an other boutique to do a floral workshop with the florists team mainly around the Diabolo and with the Riviera collection too.

This moments will leave a lifetime of memories.
I had the chance to be very well welcomed by all the team, and to share my work with attentive people who have the same passion as me.

Again, thank you very much to all the team and see you soon in Paris, Beijin, Shangai or anywhere else around the world.


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